My name is David McLean from DMC Photography, I am a member of Lodge 244 in Athboy, in The Province of Meath.

As part of The Vision2020 events our lodge is organising an online auction of seascape/wild weather photographs as one of the charities that will benefit from the funds raised in Vision2020 is THE RNLI who voluntarily save many lives at sea and also on some of our lakes.

Photo gallery


The aim is to gather together before June 2020 a collection of stunning seascapes / lake scenes (after all the RNLI also operate on some of our Irish lakes), which will be donated by photographers throughout Ireland. These seascapes will be available for anyone who wishes to bid for them in an online auction.

 Payments may be made through a secure payment link called SPLINK. The successful bidder will be sent an individual payment link for the amount of their bid plus a €10 charge for delivery by courier anywhere in Ireland.

The successful bidder will then receive their purchase of a large framed copy of their chosen photograph. There will be a minimum reserve of €100 on each photograph and the hope is that each photographer that wishes to contribute framed prints of a minimum size of 16” x 12” towards the auction.

There is also a possibility of the next two unsuccessful bidders below the winning bid being given the opportunity to buy a 2nd/3rd copy for the price of their bid as long as that bid exceeds €100.

However, if that happens with particular photographs the author of that photograph would be asked to either supply a maximum of two further framed copies at cost price or to give permission to get a maximum of two extra copies printed and framed for sale.

So far commitments have been received from 15 photographers who are each donating at least one large framed seascape / lake scene.

Photo gallery

The intention is to have a display of those photographs received over the next few months, on show at a major event in the midlands in June. This is when the auction will be officially announced. The bidding will be open for the month of July.

To bid on a particular photograph you open the link to the gallery, then click on the photograph you would like to bid on, then in the comment box for that photograph you enter your bid in €’s along with your name and email address.

At the end of July the successful bidder will be contacted and they will be sent a secure payment link to complete the sale. If there is more than one bidder on a particular photograph then the two next highest bidders will also be contacted to see if they wish to make a purchase (up to a maximum of 2 extra copies).

Each photographer has the choice of either being credited as the author of the photograph or of remaining anonymous if they prefer. Also if they wish they can include details of where and when the photograph was taken and if it was taken during a particular weather event or during a special occasion.

If you want any further details about this auction please feel free to get in touch with me.


David McLean

[email protected]