DMC Photography | Deposits, payments and vouchers
Created 3-Sep-13
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On this page you can pay booking deposits, make stage payments or purchase gift vouchers
Sammon Builders photo shootWedding booking deposit €250€25 gift voucher€50 gift voucher€85 gift voucher€100 gift voucher€150 gift voucher€200 gift voucherDMC photography budget €50 depositBudget plan €50 paymentChristmas Special Family Portrait Voucher €90Christmas Special Modelling portfolio voucher 2 hour €85Christmas Special Modelling portfolio voucher 4 hour €140Christmas Special Modelling portfolio voucher full day €250Christmas Special Covergirl photoshoot group voucher €400Christmas Special Old photo restoration voucher €15Christmas Special Framed 10 x 8  photo restoration voucher €25Elaine and Stephen album paymentGreen screen photoboothSOURCE__FILE

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