Wedding timetable Ceremony to Reception

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One thing to bear in mind when considering the travelling time from the church to the venue is the time of year, especially between early October and mid-March, in relation to good outdoor light for photographs.
Perhaps you chose your venue partly because there are beautiful grounds or landscaped gardens for photographs and if so it would be a pity not to be able to use them because it was nearly dark when you arrived there.
No matter how you go about it, from the time you walk up the aisle until you have finished greeting your guests at the door as they leave the church you can allow 90 minutes, perhaps another 10 minutes before you drive away to your venue.

In October the good quality light for outdoor photos is fading from 5.15pm early in the month to about 4.45pm later in the month.
In November those times are back to about 4.45pm early in the month to 4.15pm by the end of November.
In December those times can be anywhere from 4.15pm early in the month to 3.45pm by the end of the month.
These times are for bright days, if the weather is dull you can lose a further 20-30 minutes.
January will be similar to December, February will be similar to November and March would be similar to October.

A scene may look bright to the naked eye but this can be deceiving as our eyes naturally compensate for fading light. 
As the light fades a photographer is left juggling camera settings to keep everyone in photographs sharp and in focus with no movement showing.

Some photographers can take up to an hour with outdoor photographs so bear that in mind. If your photographer takes as long as that you would have to be starting the photographs up to an hour before the times mentioned above.

Ask your photographer at your initial meeting how long they normally take over any outdoor/indoor bridal party, family and group photographs so that you can bear that in mind when choosing a photographer. 

Most photographers, myself included aim to get those photographs taken in 30-35 minutes so that nobody gets fed up and everyone can re-join the rest of the guests at the drinks reception. The photographer can then continue capturing a great selection of casual/candid photos as you mingle with your guests before dinner.

I hope this may be helpful to some of you
David McLean
[email protected]
ph. 086-0684415

Tip of the day - Energy levels

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Tip of the day.
Just a quick tip for you. By the time it comes to having photographs taken after the wedding ceremony both you and your husband, not to mention the rest of the bridal party will be getting tired and hungry and it is hard to feel relaxed and look good for your photographs. You have probably had an early breakfast, a few glasses of champagne or bucks fizz and perhaps some more champagne in the car after the ceremony so the energy levels are dropping and you are surviving on adreneline and endorfins. A great tip for giving you a boost without ruining your appetite( or possibly staining your dress like chocolate could) is a pack of DEXTROSOL, they are a simple glucose tablet that melts in your mouth and they will keep you going and keep you smiling until you sit down for you meal. And the next answer is no .... I don't get paid for promoting this product.
I hope this helps.
Anyone else got any other ideas on ways to keep up the energy levels, apart from so called energy drinks( which can sometimes just give you a caffeine overload and a headache) until you sit down to your meal ? If so please pass them on

What do couples expect from a photographer ?

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[b]I am curious to know what an engaged couple have in mind when looking for a wedding photographer and I hope any replies to this question  are useful to both couples looking for a photographer and also to wedding photographers. [/b]
Some questions that may be on the mind of engaged couples are .....

1. Are we going to be influenced by recommendations or referrals from other couples ?

2. Should we look for a photographer based near the wedding Venue location or should we look further afield and go by the work already produced by photographers at different venues ?

3.  Do we need to be able to have a good friendly relationship with our photographer so that he or she by knowing us can better capture the mood and emotions of our wedding day ?

4.  Do we want to use a photographer that works to a set formula of their own on the day, or one that takes our ideas and visions into consideration in order to give us the wedding photography that we really desire ?

5. Does the cheapest photographer necessarily mean the best value, or does the more expensive photographer mean overpriced ?

6. Is the Wedding Photography that we really desire as important or more important than the price quoted ?

7.Is a particular photographer reliable both before, during and after a wedding ?

8. Will he or she turn up on time and properly prepared with back-up equipment in the form of spare cameras, lenses and lighting ?

9. Will our photographer take over the day and spoil the smooth flow of events by interrupting our plans or by keeping us away from our guests for too long taking photographs ?

10. Will our photographer blend into the background and take those candid photographs of things during the day that we did not even notice but which will delight us afterwards ?

11. Does our photographer offer us choices as to different packages and or different styles of wedding albums ?

12.Will our photographer have proofs ready for us to view within a reasonable time period ?

13. When we have chosen the photographs for our wedding album will we be waiting months for the finished album or will the photographer have our wedding album ready for us in weeks rather than months ?

14. Does our photographer offer any extra services such as airbrushing or re-touching if necessary and do they charge extra for these services ?

15. Is our photographer properly insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover ?

16. Does our photographer offer us the security and protection of a written contract ?

17. If we are getting our photographs on a disc or USB stick will the photographs be in high resolution and without watermarks ?

18. Does our photographer store backup copies of our photographs securely in case we ever need them and if so for how long ?

19. Will our photographer offer us the facility of a private password protected online gallery so that friends and family can view our photos ?

20. Will our photographer offer us the option of ordering framed prints or canvasses at any time after our wedding ?

My name is David McLean and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Meath but working nationwide, I offer a friendly, reliable, unobtrusive, reasonably priced service.
I specialise in capturing the atmosphere, the emotions and the craic at a wedding so that my photographs really tell the story of your special day.

 I aim to supply fully edited proofs to couples within 4 weeks maximum of their wedding and a finished wedding album within a further 4 weeks after the couple approve the album layout.
You can view  my work in the various galleries and slideshows and details of my pricing and services on my website

I hope that any replies to this blog will prove useful to both couples so that they can plan  for and expect excellent service and also to wedding photographers so that we can live up to the expectations that the couples have a right to expect.
So come on then .... Put down your thoughts, ideas and expectations !!!!!

Covergirl Fashion Photo Shoots

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Covergirl Fashion Photo Shoots

Are you looking for a fun-filled hen party activity with a difference?

Are you a group of ladies looking for a Girlie Night out?

How about a “Flirty Thirties” a “Fabulous Forties” or a “Fit Fifties” night out.

Perhaps you are a group of young mums looking for an evening away from kids and partners.

 Are part of a slimming group and want to celebrate weight loss with a stunning photo of the “New You”.

Then why not indulge yourselves with a Covergirl Fashion Photo Shoot.

Live the life of a Fashion Model for an afternoon or evening.

Indulge yourselves with Cocktails or Bubbly, Delicious Choccies (optional), view a selection of Chic Flics while our professional make-up artists skilfully apply their magic to enhance your features with special camera friendly professional make-up.

The photo shoots take place at “The Studio” in Mullaghboy in Navan, this purpose built studio offers a variety of backdrops, props, settings and lighting set-ups so that we can create and compliment whatever theme you choose for your Covergirl Fashion Photo Shoot.

You choose the theme which can be as tame or as daring as you wish and we will do the rest.

On arrival you will be greeted and shown to our chill out area where cocktails/bubbly and delicious choccies await you, a selection of chic flics will be available to view if you wish. Chat to our professional make-up artists and photographers, have a look around the various settings, backdrops and props on offer and then as you relax and unwind our make-up artists will discuss your preferences and prepare you for the camera. A changing area is also available should you wish it to change clothing to suit your chosen theme if you have one, if not and you wish your photographs to be taken in one or more outfits that is what the changing area is for.

Each person will have their own individual photo shoot using a variety of poses and lighting setups on different scenarios to complement their chosen outfits, you can also have any additional group shots that you wish.

At the end of the session you will have an opportunity to view a selection of the shots taken and then once the photographs have been edited or airbrushed (on request) you will be sent a link to a private password protected gallery online where you can view your photographs at your leisure and order your chosen photograph which is included in the package. You can also if you wish upgrade your choice or order additional photographs if you wish.

The price including cocktails/bubbly, choccies, chic flics, professional make-up, a framed 30 x 20cm photograph of your choice and plenty of craic is €69.00

Additional photo options available include, extra prints either framed or unframed in a variety of sizes, canvas prints, tee-shirts, calendars, key rings, DVD slide shows etc.

Accommodation, dining, transport and nightclub packages can also be arranged through our corporate partners

To view a selection of photos from previous Covergirl Fashion Photo Shoots simply click on


For further information or to make an enquiry contact [email protected]

What is important to you when looking for a wedding photographer ??

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What is important to you when looking for a wedding photographer ??

Stunning photographs that you will treasure for many years to come and that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends?

A choice great value wedding photography packages from disc only to luxurious hand crafted Storybook Wedding Albums with the option to alter the package initially chosen at any stage up to final approval of the album layout?

A friendly approachable professional photographer who will listen to what you want as regards wedding photography because after all it is your day and you deserve to get top quality service  on the most important day of your lives?

A photographer who will go out of their way to blend in with you, your family and guests to help create as stress free an experience as possible?

A photographer who will share with you the benefit of years of experience of helping brides and grooms to capture the emotions and atmosphere of the day through the camera lens?

A top quality pre-wedding service with 24/7 access by either phone or email with any queries you may have in the lead-up to your wedding. This begins with an initial no obligation meeting at a time and venue that suits you best to discuss your plans and show sample wedding albums?

A top quality after sales service with proofs from your wedding available in 3-4 weeks after your wedding and a finished wedding album delivered personally to you approx. 3 weeks after final approval of the layout of your personalised wedding album?

A photographer who can be with you from as early as you like on the day of your wedding up to whatever time you wish during the day or evening?

A photographer who has experience of working at over 25 different venues to date throughout Ireland and who always visits venues that they are un-familiar with in advance of a wedding there in order to check out the best photography opportunities available in the area?

A photographer who will offer you a great selection of extras worth up to 900 euro with all wedding album packages?

A photographer who offers DIGITAL PACKAGES FROM €500 EURO and WEDDING ALBUM PACKAGES FROM €1400 ?


If you would like to check out some of my work you can view thevarious wedding galleries on my website at

If you like what you see there you can also check out the current special offers on my website at Then if you would like to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your wedding plans please feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

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